Q: Where can I stay when I have to be at TRAP for a National Event?
A: We have a list of available accommodation. Click here to view it.

Q: Does anyone who want’s to visit TRAP Racing Venue have to pay to do so?
A: No, only if you are actually going to use your RC Car on one of our tracks. Spectators don’t have to pay.

Q: Must I belong to the club in order to race my RC Car?
A: No, the track is open for anyone who loves driving their RC Cars.

Q: Do you have an age restriction for driving on the track?
A: No, as long as the younger drivers have adult supervision.

Q: Do you have refreshments and snacks available to purchase at TRAP Racing Venue?
A: Yes, cold-drinks and sweets.

Q: Can I operate my RC Car on a race day even though I have not entered for the race?
A: No, only race entries are allowed on a specific track for that race event.

Q: Do I need to be a club member to participate in a club race?
A: No, anyone who loves a bit of competition can take part in a race, as long as you at least have moderate driving skills or, if you want to enter for a beginners class.

Q: Do you enforce rules at the track?
A: Yes, there are rules in place for everyone’s own safety.