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SWorkz S14-3 1/10 Electric 4WD Off-Road Pro Buggy Kit

Available instore at Victory Hobbies

With more top drivers joining SWORKz, this has helped in the development and improvement of our 1/10 off road electric buggies. The brand new SWORKz S14-3 is a direct result of that. Based on the success of the S14-2, SWORKz further developed its 1/10 off road buggy and came out with the S14-3. One of its most unique features is the 5mm Axle Universal Cross Drive Shaft that were specially designed and made from Sworkz 1/8th buggy steel material.

For carpet off road racing, we gave up the pivot ball system and went with the C-Hub steering system. Standard included the new Centre Slipper Clutch System. With the new C-Hub system, the S14-3 now has a new and improved front and rear suspension shock system.  The S14-3 new design front and rear arms are made from strong composite nylon materials. We will also offer newly developed “carbon fiber” arms later as option parts. The T-7075 aluminum chassis with its center twist system gives more rear grip. When equipped with the new front and rear upper carbon decks, the buggy has more traction.

The S14-3 includes many high quality parts, a refined shock system and option parts. Many SWORKz Factory Team Option Parts are included. SWORKz utilizes only the highest quality materials and industry leading manufacturing processes resulting in a faster, stronger, and more reliable vehicle.

The S14-3 Pro Kit is designed to win.

SWORKz S12-1M(Carpet Edition) 1/10 2WD EP Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit

Available instore at Victory Hobbies

The S12-1M also features a 3mm 7075 chassis layout that allows up to 4 different battery positions. The buggy comes with a 6mm aluminum front shock tower and all the lower arm holders are made of strong aluminium. SWORKz designed a Pure Oil Shock System (no shock bladders) for quicker shock response and improved suspension feel. The S12-1M comes standard with the innovative Eaglet body designed for more rear grip and steering response. The Eaglet body provides a well balance feel in both mid-motor and rear-motor configurations. Available here

Infinity IF14 Racing chassis

Available instore at Victory Hobbies

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Tamiya TB Evo 7 Racing Chassis

Available instore at Victory Hobbies

Following a first official teaser another image of Tamiya’s forthcoming TB Evo.7 has appeared on the interweb. The photo shows what is understood to be the production version of Tamiya’s top-of-the-foodchain shaft-driven 4WD touring car. Read more here