EP On-Road

Most SARDA Classes are catered for and we follow SARDA rules for those classes. We also accommodate many Tamiya classes, as well as our new Beginner’s Class for those looking to enter racing for the first time.

The racing surface is un-sealed asphalt, with a track width of between 3 to 5 meters and the actual track covers over 80% of the racing surface, (total area covered is 2900m square) The track features the longest straight and the highest speeds in On-Road RC Racing in SA! The current length varies from 150 meters to 225 meters depending on the particular layout that is used.

Brand new track layouts now available with recent modifications to the track!

The drivers stand can hold up to 15 drivers with an elevated view of the whole track. The stand is no less than 2.2 meters in height and is 15 meters long having its own pit lane 1.6 meter wide with a pit area for 70 competitors under roof.

There is sufficient electric power for the competitors for charging and testing their equipment. A dedicated cleaning station including compressor is available to all drivers.

Various EP (1/10 scale ORE) cars are raced on this track:

  • Beginner’s Class
  • Tamiya Open Stock
  • Tamiya Super Stock
  • Mini
  • Formula 1
  • FWD Touring
  • 21.5T Blinky Touring
  • 13.5T Blinky Touring
  • Modified Touring

2019 ORE regulations are available here!

2019 ORE specific Membership can be applied for here!

Young and old, come and enjoy the fun, even if you are just there for the support. All spectators are welcome!