EP Off-Road

The racing surface is covered with carpet and with a track width of between 2.5 to 3 meters. The current length is 105 meters

The drivers stand can hold up to 15 drivers with an elevated view of the whole track. The stand is no less than 2.2 meters in height and is 15 meters long.

There are sufficient power points for the competitors for charging and testing their equipment.

The EP RC cars are driven on this track (1:10 scale)

  • 2WD Buggy Stock – 17.5 turn motor+Blinky (non timing) ESC
  • 2WD Buggy Modified – No limit
  • 4WD Buggy Stock – 13.5 turn motor+Blinky (non timing) ESC
  • 4WD Buggy Modified – No limit
  • 2WD Stadium Truck – 13.5 turn motor+Blinky (non timing) ESC
  • Shortcourse Truck – 13.5 turn motor+Boosted (Timing on) ESC

Contact Maurice Smith for any further information needed