African Cup

The African Cup was started in 2004 to celebrate the first year of existence of TRAP (Tshwane Raceway and Promotion). Since Radio Controlled Model Car racing is not well known through Africa it is intended to bring international competitors to the continent and allow the local participants to compete with their international counterparts. It is run for all the recognized disciplines namely gas and electric, On-Road and Off-Road cars.
Over the years drivers have come from Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Bangkok to name a few. The winner of the event is crowned the continent champion for that particular year.

The format is run similar to the format of a world championship organised by IFMAR, the world ruling body for the sport.

A typical event will run over 2 days and has the following format:

Qualifying will be on the Saturday and Racing on the Sunday.

The main event is held on Sunday in a format that is known as a “bump up” final.
(See diagram below.)

TRAP is centrally located and easily accessible from the major metropolitan areas of Gauteng and is well suited to accommodate a large number of drivers and spectators.

TRAP is the proud host for this event and will always endeavour to attract drivers from the different continents for South Africa’s only international model car RC event.