Trap has closed down

This is the part-time Trap web maintainers personal ramblings.

The maintainer of this website has recently learnt that Trap has closed down.

Fathers and sons racing together. Fathers and daughters spending priceless moments together.
Life long friendships forged and maintained.
The many domestic disputes between husband and wife because of just getting that one more thing for rc…

All happened @Trap and at other tracks like this.


This is a sad state of affairs:

Thank you Rodney for all you have done for the RC community.

Thank you Frans for all your hard work.

Guys like Rodney has put in immeasurable amounts of work into sustaining a facility of TRAP’s caliber.
This has taken blood sweat and tears. I can only think that it gets to you, managing this additional workload, possibly slowly destroying the love for your sport / hobby.

The fact of the matter is that there are only a few people in South-Africa still actively giving their time and energy to this amazing sport.
Guys like Jonathan Wilken, Antonio, Deon Gove, Alan, Lieb comes to mind immediately (The people i don’t mention here, apologies, and thank you sincerely for doing what you do. (You know who you are)

There are many people giving to this sport in many different ways. Please recognize what these individuals are doing not only for themselves, but also for you.

I stand to be corrected, but i only know of 3 paid up members at Trap for 2021 (Electric on-road).

This does not only go for Trap. Hopefully other clubs are being supported better.
Without active, selfless participation of club members, clubs will not grow and be successful.

Essentially, most racers participating in this sport are intelligent, well meaning, competitive and mostly ( You also know who you are 🙂 ) socially acceptable people.
It seems strange that with these qualities, numbers are still continually dwindling.

What us RC enthusiast need to start to understand, is that you have to give to this sport. Selflessly.
It is not just paying the 100 or 200 bucks pit fees that keeps this thing alive.

Wishing there was a way for this to continue?

Maybe there is?
Maybe it is sitting out that one race weekend a year and helping out at the track.
Most importantly. If you want your sport to grow and be viable, get people interested in this sport and actively develop it?

Lets get together, online / in person and decide a strategy forward. Lets start with 1st Saturday of each month for 20 minutes unless decided otherwise and see what is achievable?

There will be no prizes for success and only hard work, but you could possibly except another event in the future….
Lets communicate between each other and get political / financial hurdles out of the way and make sure that events can take place.